CORAF 01 March 2016 /

As the quality of data reporting and indicators is very key for monitoring and evaluation of commissioned and competitive projects funded under the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP), the regional coordination held a training workshop for 16 M&E focal points from February 22 to 26, 2016 in Accra, Ghana.

The workshop sought to strengthen the capacity of the project team in reporting and monitoring of performance and ensure that the current implementation of the projects in each country.

CORAF/WECARD currently supports three regional competitive projects namely: (i) Identification of policy and strategy options for better adoption of research findings by family farms in West Africa (AGRIFAM), (ii) Upscaling the Nigerian Flash Drying Experience for Sustainable regional Trade and Income generation in West Africa (UDESwA), (iii) Fruit fly and; three commissioned regional projects namely: (i) Improvement and scaling up of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in West Africa stakeholders; (ii) Support for the production and sustainable distribution of certified seeds (PAPROSEM), (iii) Capacity Development of Cashew Value Chain Actors in West-Africa (ACi-CD) stakeholders.

The West African Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP / PPAAO) was initiated by ECOWAS, with financial support from the World Bank to support regional cooperation for agricultural transformation in Africa. The coordination of this programme was entrusted to CORAF/WECARD. The objective of the program is to improve agricultural productivity while promoting regional integration as an instrument for shared growth and poverty reduction in West Africa.