The countries which satisfied the eligibility criteria adhered to the program according to the following series: WAAPP A (Ghana, Mali & Senegal), WAAPP B (Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire & Nigeria), WAAPP C (Benin, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Niger, Sierra Leone & Togo) and WAAPP D (Mauritania, Cape-Verde & Guinea Bissau) which is in preparation.

The countries of the WAAPP A ended their first phase and are at their second. In addition, discussions are underway between CORAF/WECARD, the ECCAS’ 3 countries in Central Africa (Chad, Cameroon and Congo) and the World Bank in order to starting the Central African Agricultural Productivity Program (CAAPP).

After eight years of implementation, goals are largely achieved: the project (i) count 5,797,396 direct beneficiaries, about 30 million indirect beneficiaries with 45% of women farmers in 13 countries in West Africa; (ii) inducing 159 ttechnologies generated inducing yield increase from 30% to 150% which are being adopted by 2,835,718 transformers and producers on 3,094,170 hectares.

To date, nine (09) National Centers of Specialization are operational and are intended to evolve into a Regional Centres of Excellence (CRE) for better dissemination of technologies. WAAPP also provides research polling by training 916 young researchers in Masters and PhD.