CORAF 15 June 2016 /

Based on the positive impact of regional projects coordinated by CORAF / WECARD within the framework of the agricultural policy of ECOWAS, the institution is called upon to support countries in the sub-region in the formulation of the 2nd generation of the agricultural investment programs at both national (NAIP) and regional level (RAIP). As a regional cooperation organization and technical arm of ECOWAS, CORAF / WECARD will provide expertise throughout the process in areas relating to the strengthening of innovation and research coordination capacity, technology dissemination and knowledge sharing, seed policy and marketing as well as biotechnology and biosafety. In order to better respond to emerging challenges such as nutrition dimension, the resilience of vulnerable populations, gender, climate change and research results outputs.

This is one of the main conclusions of the workshop for launching the formulation of the second phase of the NAIP and RAIP organized by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) from 30 May to 2 June 2016 in Abidjan, Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.

During the meeting, Dr Abdou TENKOUANO, the Executive Director CORAF / WECARD highlighted in his presentation the mandate of the institution as well as key achievements recorded in terms of technology transfer, capacity building of its network of researchers and the private sector. "Upscaling successes and approaches CORAF / WECARD through the NIPA and PRIA will be paramount in achieving the CAADP objective in the next 10 years," said Dr. Abdou TENKOUANO before pleading for the establishment of national sustainable funding mechanisms for research and knowledge management.

During the Abidjan meeting, the first regional catalog of certified seeds developed by CORAF / WECARD was prefaced and signed by Tchambacou AYASSOR, the new Commissioner for Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources of ECOWAS.

In the implementation framework of the Objective 1 of the RAIP on the "agricultural intensification", CORAF / WECARD, technical arm of ECOWAS is implementing the productivity program Agriculture in West Africa (WAAPP) and the Seed Programme in West Africa (PSAO). Two initiatives that have enabled the sub-region to develop a biotechnology strategy and the adoption of regulations on Biosafety, seed and the use of pesticide.

The Abidjan workshop is a fundamental stage in launching the 2nd generation NAIPs and RAIP drafting process as part of the Zero Hunger by 2025 objective. The innovation of the second generation of NAIP 2025 is the integration of various converging initiatives and regional priorities retained within the framework of ECOWAP + 10 Conference and Outlook 2025 held in November 2015 in Dakar (Senegal).