One of the major areas of the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP / WAAPP) is to facilitate the dissemination and adoption of technologies by farmers. In this context, CORAF/WECARD has set up with the support of the World Bank, a Marketplace of Agricultural Technologies and Innovations (MITA).

MITA is an electronic platform of information on improved agricultural technologies and their transactions (sale and purchase). It is based on the assumption that platforms of direct interaction between researches and developers involved in the generation or transfer of technologies, can highly drive demand for improved technologies.

The objectives of the Marketplace of Agricultural Technologies and Innovations are to introduce improved technologies and to facilitate exchanges (information and s buying and selling transactions) between developers and users of improved technologies.

MITA is an exhibition platform of technologies, virtually organized to attract key clients involved in the transfer and adoption of improved technologies. It allows the virtual showcasing of technologies, along with the testimony of farmers and other stakeholders who participated in the development of the technology or have adopted it.

The characteristics of the agricultural technologies and innovations market are:

  • Description of Technology (overview, documentaries, videos, photos), with contacts of the inventor and the National Centre of Specialization, profile of the technology provider (name, address, city, country, phone, email, product name, sale units, price, terms of sale, payment terms)
  • User profile technology (customer profile, identity, destination of the Technology)
  • Transaction between the technology provider and the customer (ordering, buying and selling arrangements, delivery, observations).